Top 7 B2B Sales Strategies During COVID in 2021

Covid-19 has affected most of the country adversely since 2019 and its impact will be seen for a long period of time. This forces B2B market players to go digitally. In modern times, safety has become the priority for all B2B market players. As technology is changing it is transforming the digital world and shifting the work style of B2B market players.

You can not reorganize your business by following only recent trends. To raise your sales you should go for the following steps:

1. Optimize Google Core Web Vitals: It will help in measuring the load on-site, interaction, and content stability, which will start influencing search rankings.

Google uses the following quality tests-

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): It observes how frequently the content whether the images, descriptions, or articles are visible to the users.

First Input Delay (FID): It makes the user more interactive on search engines.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): It measures the time taken on a website for how long to become visible.

2. Inclined to Local SEO: It is a set of activities and tactics to enhance the visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. while individuals nearby your physical location do searches. It is the other strategy to reappear on these local SEOs. In this pandemic situation, local businessmen can update their google business profile because it is user-friendly, take online appointments, pickups and delivery. You should ensure that the google my business account is optimized and actively worked.

3. Customer Retention: It is the set of activities that helps in increasing the number of repeated customers and raise the profit from the existing customer.

Customer retention depends on the lifecycle of your store. You can retain your customer using digital tools by interacting with them, responding to them, and asking for feedback.

4. Begin to Sell on Social Media: You can sell your product and service using social media platforms like youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. You need to identify the social media platform that helps you build relationships with potential customers. You can follow the right user on Twitter and using the save search features on Linkedin can connect with potential buyers. If you are a B2B buyer then you can get information about the products and services using social media platforms. Whether they are prospects, customers, or competitors all make use of social media platforms for business purposes.

5. Community-Based Marketing: Nationwide lockdowns, curfews, curfews in states, and extended lockdowns have affected the relationship with professionals. It is difficult to maintain the interaction as earlier one now through email or scheduling video calls you can connect with communities just by sitting at one place. Social media tools help in creating stronger bonds among the community players.

 28 May 2021

6. Optimization of Voice Search: Voice assistance in the middle of Covid-19 gives the chance to the B2B market players to grow their business by optimizing it. The use of voice recognition technology has increased to communicate with each other, do the searches by typing a few words using keyboards. Voice searching technology is used in smart speakers, google assistance, and many more helps in optimizing the voice search even in different language options. Voice search enabled the devices used by professionals from distant places.

7. Touch in with Augmented Reality: In this pandemic, AR technology has changed the way of doing business. This technology is greatly used by the B2B service providers. The impact of this tech is used in controlling inventory movements, visual artists, video gaming, and so on. AR tracks and identifies the parts of the body, and enables the user to try various products like glasses, shoes, apparel, on them. For professionals, it helps in observing the various activities so that they optimize sales and generate revenues.

Adopting these seven strategies can help you in generating sales so that you can grow your business even in this pandemic situation. The increase in sales depends on many factors like your industry type, type of audience, business goals, competition with competitors, and so on.